Season 5 Episode 12 Darthy


There will be days when you’re forced to make decisions that affect the lives of everyone you love – choices that will change you forever.  You reach an age where you realize that being a man isn’t about respect or strength, it’s about being aware of all the things you touch.  Children face inward, wallow in their own selfish needs.  Men face out, take action on the needs of others.

First, I’d like to point out that you can replace man/men with woman/women in this quote because I think it can apply to everyone.  Hard choices have to be made by everyone in life.  And some of those choices change you deeply and forever.

I made such a choice when I left my job to create a new business for addicts.  It was a hard choice and it changed me in ways I couldn’t imagine.  I realized I wasn’t happy at my job because I couldn’t be who I am.  Such is usually the case with any job.  When you work for someone else, you are a reflection of them and you have to act accordingly.  When you work for yourself, you can be who you are without censoring yourself.

It’s the same thing Jax is talking about when he says “it’s about being aware of all the things you touch.”  I don’t think most people realize how much impact they have on the world around them.  A simple smile can brighten a stranger’s day.  A “like” on Facebook can make all the difference to someone.  You just never know how what you do will affect someone else.  I try to be as kind as possible to those around me because you never know when someone really needs it.

Of course, there are times when I’m feeling down and don’t feel like being nice but this leads me to the next line in the quote.  “Children face inward, wallow in their own selfish needs.”  Children need to be selfish because they haven’t learned how to take care of their needs yet.  They have to rely on others for everything.  This is something that we should outgrow.  As we grow and learn, we are able to take care of our own needs and start to “take action on the needs of others.”

I like that the word wallow is used in this passage.  Wallow is a fitting word for selfishness.   When you only think of yourself and your needs, you may think you’re making your life better but this path leads to depression.  Selfishness and self-centered behavior leave you feeling empty and lost.  Nothing is gained by ignoring the needs of others to meet your own.  I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with meeting your own needs but when you do it at the cost of others, it is selfish.

How sad a world this would be if we only cared for our own needs without consideration for others.   Take action today on the needs of others.  Do something to help out your brother, your sister.  We are all connected and what you do for another will come back to help you.


4 Responses to “Season 5 Episode 12 Darthy”

  1. Thank U so very much. My son came back to my house & stole from us, ex didn’t’ warn me he stole from him & grandparents Jewelry, guns…didn’t tell me son is still using. He never tried to payback my husband even $5 from $1,700 plane fares to his friend that died, oil for heat where he rented from us, electricity bills. I did his laundry and my groceries and meals where his also. He left our apartment filthy…etc. He doesn’t own it @ 24 years old. My other son’s birthday was yesterday. He had hung himseIf 12 years ago.I called and emailed other son, but no response after us both having words prior, weeks before. I m dead inside w/no family that cheated me & screwed w/me when my mom died last year. I wait to die.

    • Harmony, you are hurting so mcuh! You need some support. If you don’t have any friends, you need to push yourself to reach out to some people. You don’t have to go through such pain alone. Your son has a horrible disease. I pray he gets help before it’s too late. There may very well be a great person underneath the fog of his addiction. But he won’t be that man until he gets clean. I pray you don’t hold onto the anger over what he has done. Let it go. Anger just leads to depression. You deserve some peace in your life. You can write me if you need someone to talk to. How did you come across this blog? I disabled it a while ago because I didn’t have time to keep up with it. It’s so strange because it got me to reread it and it was exactly what I needed to hear right now. I truly believe things happen for a reason. Thank you for leaving me a comment! It helped me today. We all need to help each other. 🙂 Let me know if I can help you. Anna

      • Dear Anna, selfish sons quotes (Count the 8th one down) is where I was and then connected to you. You are so very gifted & just unequally perfect with your words & wisdom. I can’t explain It. I was so moved by reading your blog on Sons/Anarchy! You are certainly appreciated, Anna! Xo

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