Sons of Anarchy S05E12: Men Face Out

Great post summing up the episode!

Not Like I'm Obsessed

Another 90 minutes! I did not see that one coming (probably because I missed the “Next time on…” from last week, damn Thanksgiving break, screwing with my mind).

Jax is steadily working on his letters to his boys, telling them all about their father’s failings as a man. He is working hard to right his wrongs and now he is at a crossroads. “You reach an age where you realize that being a man isn’t about respect or strength. It’s about being aware of the things you touch.” He says, he knows because he is at that place and it’s time to decide who he wants to be – the man his father tried to be, or the man his stepfather is.

At the clubhouse Jax is ready to make his move on Clay, when Bobby pops up and derails all of his best laid plans. Bobby says Clay is…

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